[[t]ˈmɪk tʃəˌreɪt[/t]] v. i. -rat•ed, -rat•ing
phl to pass urine; urinate
Etymology: 1835–45; < L mictur(īre) to desire to urinate, desiderative der. of mingere to urinate + -ate I mic`tu•ri′tion -ˈrɪʃ ən n.

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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  • micturate — v. i. to pass urine through the ureter; to urinate. [Medical] Syn: urinate, piddle, puddle, piss, pee, pee pee, make water, relieve oneself, take a leak, spend a penny, wee, wee wee, make, pass water. [WordNet 1.5] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • micturate — (v.) urinate, by 1842, from MICTURATION (Cf. micturation); malformed and with an erroneous sense; condemned from its birth …   Etymology dictionary

  • micturate — [mik′tyo͞o rāt΄, mik′təāt΄] vi. micturated, micturating [see MICTURITION & ATE1] URINATE …   English World dictionary

  • Micturate — To urinate. The verb "micturate" (like the noun "micturation") comes from the Latin "micturire" meaning "to want to urinate." * * * SYN: urinate. [see micturition] * * * mic·tu·rate mik chə .rāt, mik tə vi …   Medical dictionary

  • micturate — intransitive verb ( rated; rating) Etymology: Latin micturire to desire to urinate, from meiere to urinate; akin to Old English mīgan to urinate, Greek omeichein Date: 1842 urinate • micturition noun …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • micturate — /mik cheuh rayt /, v.i., micturated, micturating. to pass urine; urinate. [1835 45; < L mictur(ire) to desire to urinate (mict(us), ptp. of mingere to urinate + ur desiderative suffix + i theme vowel + re inf. ending) + ATE1] * * * …   Universalium

  • micturate — verb to urinate …   Wiktionary

  • micturate — see ANT …   The Hutchinson dictionary of word origins

  • micturate — mɪktʃəreɪt v. urinate, pass urine …   English contemporary dictionary

  • micturate — [ mɪktjʊreɪt] verb formal urinate. Derivatives micturition noun Origin C19: back form. from micturition (C18), from L. micturit , micturire urinate …   English new terms dictionary

  • micturate — mic·tu·rate …   English syllables

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